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Music Enable provides inclusive participant-led music making sessions for groups and individuals. With a focus on technology, Music Enable promotes active collaboration, participation, creativity, improvisation and fun.

The Instruments...


Inclusive technologies mean that musicians can participate in music making equally with other musicians. One of the core adaptive technologies which can operate as a musical instrument in its own right is the iPad. Several apps exist to suit beginner to advanced musicians as well as apps specifically designed for people with additional support requirements.



Skoog is a touch sensitive cube which allows the user to play a large amount of instrument sounds by touching and placing pressure on various parts of the cube allowing for various textures and expression.



Figurenotes is a music system which allows access to the basics of learning to play and perform music. Simple colours and shapes correspond to notes on an instrument such as a keyboard or glockenspiel. The Figurenotes system removes complications from standard notation but also gives a direct access to standard notation when the learner is ready to move on. Figurenotes suits early years as well as people with additional support needs.


Loop Pedals

The Boss RC-1 Loop Pedal allows a musician to layer multiple looping phrases. One pedal allows a performer to create a rich block of sounds which can be performed with, added to and improvised over. Using multiple pedals and multiple performers, it is possible to build a symphonic collection of layered textures.

pedals and guitar.JPG


Percussion instruments are utilized in sessions to add rhythm, melody and texture. Both pitched and un-pitched percussion may be used as and when required. Instruments vary from beaters, shakers, glockenspiels, drums as well as digital percussion used on sequencers, samplers, computer software and iPads.

Percussion box.JPG
We're a Social Enterprise logo - for SES